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Post  BladeRunner on Tue May 18, 2010 3:18 pm

The Total Core Deluxe is the latest abdominal exerciser on the market. Like most people, I've seen the infomercial and thought the results looked impressive and promising. Determined not to be rail-roaded by the gorgeous and sexy TV presenters, I got one to try out.

Putting it together was very easy and took me less than 5 minutes on my own. The ball also comes with its own small pump, a pin to keep the air in and simple instructions. It folds fairly flat and, because of its small size, it fits under the bed easily so storage isn't a problem.
The DVD that comes with the Total Core Deluxe is easy-to-follow. It has a beginners programme and then a more advanced exercise program with the blue ball.

I don't usually do sit ups or crunches because I find them boring and they normally pain my neck. Total Core doesn't hurt my neck and the way it's designed, it almost helps you sit back up straight, while it supports your back. The first time I used it I thought it wasn't working because I didn't feel the ache in my stomach muscles that I used to get. After about 25 sit ups I noticed the mild burn and I knew it was taking effect. I use it while I'm watching TV and I'm often surprised how many sit ups I've done when I look at the counter computer (comes with the Deluxe model). The seat is comfortable and it has straps at the sides if you need them.

The Total Core Deluxe helps you and trim and tone your abdominal area, if you use it regularly. I like using it and I've had good results with it. I don't think that I could recommend it as a sole means of losing weight though but it definitely tones up your stomach muscles and it gave me some definition as well. To sum it up The Toatl Core + a healthy diet actually is an effective way to a heal;thy and fit body.

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