The Women In Our Lives

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The Women In Our Lives

Post  Austin on Mon May 02, 2011 9:54 am

Just asked my fiance, Selena for her hand in matrimony.

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There's a royal connection to our bald brotherhood. Selena is the third cousin of Reid's beautiful lady Terre. Small world isn't it. Thanks to Uncle Tony for making that discovery. If and when the mighty Reid and I marry these lovely flowers, we'll ALL be related.

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Re: The Women In Our Lives

Post  Tyro on Tue Nov 01, 2011 12:29 pm

Austin, r u sure your fiance is related to Reid's beautiful lady Terre?

Reid, Read what you said about BJ and his buddies, which include Austin and his rich and famous Uncle Tony. Couldn't agree with you more. Never thought they were malicious. And they definitely have a strong code of ethics.

The same can be said about you Reid. You're a good man. I for one miss the old friendships. Be well buddy!

BTW>>>You, Ken (trplyr), Crafty Guy, Al and the rest of the gang are always welcome here, if HSC ever shuts for good.

Just wanted you to know that. And Debbie it's best to be a believer rather than a doubter. Everyone's always been quite respectful of you. You're a very lovely, kind and open-hearted lady. Big group hug to you!

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