What's under the Hat, Tim? Part 2

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What's under the Hat, Tim? Part 2

Post  BladeRunner on Mon Jan 03, 2011 4:58 pm

Looks like the Hollywood facial hair trend has hit Nashville too! Tim McGraw has already proven that he’s just fine with changing up his famous good looks for a movie role — the country star shaved his goatee to play Sandra Bullock’s husband in The Blind Side and packed on the pounds for his part in Four Christmases — but count his latest transformation as a fashion don’t in the eyes of his daughters. “My daughters don’t like it at all, especially the oldest [12-year-old Gracie],” McGraw told Country Countdown USA of the full beard he’s grown for his role co-starring with Gwyneth Paltrow in Country Strong.

Gracie’s assessment? “You look old!’” Tim explained, “And I said, ‘Thanks a lot. Are you embarrassed for me to be around your friends with a beard?’ And she says, ‘There’s a lot of gray in there, Dad!’” Joked McGraw, “I told her I was gonna grow it out and do a big beard combover and try to get it over the top of my head.” In the movie, which began filming in Nashville this week, McGraw plays husband and manager to Paltrow’s country singer, and he says Paltrow impressed him with her pipes. “She’s a really good singer,” he says. “You’re going to be surprised at how well she sings.” [/i]

Comments (43)

- Ammie on January 20th, 2010
Oh I don’t care what anyone says….There’s nothing wrong with a little change!! Lovin’ the new look!!!

- Sarah on January 20th, 2010
I’m with you Sarah. He is still very sexy. I actually like the whole beard thing.

- Chasidy on January 20th, 2010
He looks like he should be on “The Deadliest Catch”.

- loopy on January 20th, 2010
Makes his face look really fat. I never thought he was anything special to look at in the first place though.

- Lulu on January 20th, 2010
LOL @ loopy! He does, doesn’t he? Yeah, it’s not working for me either.


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Re: What's under the Hat, Tim? Part 2

Post  Skully on Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:56 am

Nobody addressed the question, What's under the hat, Tim?
Country Strong is a decent Saturday night date flic. Go see it with your wife.

And Gwyneth ain't bad to look at either. I love you

She sure can sing!

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