Ice, Ice Baby - On The DIY Network

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Ice, Ice Baby - On The DIY Network

Post  BladeRunner on Tue Oct 26, 2010 3:53 pm

Get Ready for The Vanilla Ice Project, a brand new series from DIY Network.
Tune-in Thursday at 9:00pm/ 8:00c.

Parody of Ice Ice Baby poking friendly fun at Vanilla Ice's new home rehab show on the Do It Yourself network.
(intro) Yo D I Y. Let's Brick It!

Alright stop, carpentrate and listen
Ice is back with a whole new profession
Grab some lumber and hold it tightly
With a saw and a level on prime time nightly
Will it pass code? Yo I don't know.
Call the inspector and he'll show.
To the extreme now I won't have to panhandle
Electrician I'm not though you might need a candle
I'll build it good so it won't go boom
Drywall this bitch then do another room
Deadly if my work is shoddy
You can use it but don't flush the potty
Love it or leave it the place will be great
When I do plumbing yo I don't play
If there is a problem, yo I'll solve it
Check out this blade while my saw revolves it

Rehab it ice ice baby (repeat x4)


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Re: Ice, Ice Baby - On The DIY Network

Post  Rodger on Wed Oct 27, 2010 11:17 am

Reality TV has hit a new low.

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