Food's On The House For The Bald Bunch

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Food's On The House For The Bald Bunch

Post  BeachComber on Sat Aug 21, 2010 2:25 pm

By John Mariani
Restaurant Hospitality via BaldIsBold

Embracing the no-hair demographic pays off with a publicity bonanza for one California restaurant.
Gary Arnold wasn't expecting much when he instituted a "Bald Guys Eat Free Special" on Wednesday nights at his Gary's Uptown Restaurant and Bar in Lodi, Calif. As the owner of an independent full service operation in a small city, he just hoped the promotion would boost sales on his slowest night of the week.

That it did. But it also got worldwide media attention for his operation. Now each Wednesday, Gary's becomes a dining destination for the hairless and/or hair-challenged from nearby California spots such as Sacramento, Stockton, the Bay Area and beyond.

It's a straightforward promotion. Customers having less than half their hair get up to 50 percent off their bill. Those with no hair at all eat for free.

Could someone with a full head of hair shave his or her head and get a free meal? As of RH press time, if they did, they could.

The bald bunch has to select their dinner entree from a special menu that features items like filet of snapper, flat iron steak and chicken fettuccine. Income from the bar and and from meals purchased by patrons who accompany the eat-for-free group helps make up the difference on the revenue front. Wait times have inflated to as high as 45 minutes on some Wednesday nights at Gary's.

"We were totally, totally, blown away and absolutely shocked that it went international," Arnold told the Lodi News.


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Re: Food's On The House For The Bald Bunch

Post  Marco on Wed Aug 25, 2010 11:47 am

scratch Free food just for being bald. cheers

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